Poll: 56% say will definitely vote on Oct.22

From NHK

In NHK's latest opinion poll, 56 percent of respondents said they will definitely vote in the upcoming general election.

NHK surveyed 5,389 people aged 18 and older during the weekend, phoning people randomly selected by computer. 57.9 percent of those contacted, or 3,119 people, responded.

The approval rate for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet stood at 37 percent, the same as a week ago.
The disapproval rate dropped one point to 43 percent.

Asked if they will go to the polls on October 22nd, 56 percent said they will definitely go. That's up 3 points from last week.

27 percent said they intend to go; 10 percent said they haven't decided; and 5 percent said they will not vote.

Respondents were asked about what they expect in the election.

21 percent said they hope the ruling parties will gain seats; 32 percent said they want the opposition bloc to win more seats; 41 percent said they are undecided.

Abe has said that revenue from the increased consumption tax should be used to provide tuition-free preschool and higher education.

Respondents were asked about this plan.
11 percent said it is very good; 38 percent said it's quite good; 28 percent said it's not very good; and 17 percent said it's bad.

Respondents were asked about the Abe cabinet's diplomatic and security policies -- including its response to North Korea's provocations.

11 percent said they were very good; 39 percent said quite good; 29 percent said not very good; and 13 percent said they were bad.

Respondents were asked if they support plans to amend the country's Constitution, including acknowledging the existence of the Self-Defense Forces.

32 percent said they are for the idea; 21 percent said they are against it; and 39 percent said they are undecided.





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